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Meet Morgan

A lifelong Louisvillian, Morgan went to duPont Manual High School in JCPS. Go Crimsons!

"Louisville was a great place to grow up. I went to amazing public schools with educators who helped open a world of possibilities. Every child should have access to an excellent public school."

Morgan realized early on that he had a passion for policy and civic engagement and earned scholarships to obtain his undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Missouri before pursuing a law degree from the University of Kentucky. As a lawyer, Morgan specializes in representing people facing discrimination and small businesses.

Morgan decided to first run for Kentucky State Senate because he knew we needed a new generation of leaders in Frankfort. This meant standing up for LGBTQ rights, addressing climate change and using his firsthand experience navigating the healthcare system with premature twins to advocate for more affordable healthcare. He ran that first campaign the only way he knows how, by meeting voters where they are. He knocked on tens of thousands of doors in his first campaign and in his following reelection.

He first ran for Congress in 2022 to keep fighting for those values in Washington, DC. Since taking office in January 2023, Morgan is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, New Democrat Coalition, HBCU Caucus, Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, and co-chairs the Congressional Bourbon Caucus. He sits on the House Veterans Affairs and Small Business Committees, working to protect our veterans’ hard-earned benefits and help small businesses in Louisville grow and thrive.

"There is nothing more impactful than listening to people in face-to-face conversations. Voters deserve to know who you are, what you care about and how you’ll deliver for them. I wore out my first pair of shoes when I initially ran for office. And then got holes in another pair during my reelect. Looking forward to wearing out a new pair door-knocking in this congressional race!"

As the only Democrat in Congress representing Kentucky, Morgan has never shied away from the toughest fights.

"Being an effective legislator means showing up, being willing to say ‘I don’t know, what do you think?’ and most of all, listening. The only way to get things done in Frankfort is by building coalitions, standing firm on principle and then figuring out how to get good policy through the legislative process. It’s not always the work that makes headlines, but it is how we make a tangible, positive difference in people’s lives. I will bring this same approach to Congress."

Morgan and his wife Chris met in college in Missouri. They decided to raise their family in Louisville because they can’t imagine a better place for their three kids, Clara, Wilson and Greta to grow up.

"I’m a dad of three young kids and I know how hectic and challenging it is for families to find affordable childcare and balance shifting schedules, especially navigating through this pandemic. It’s a privilege that Chris is the breadwinner of our household while I’ve been in the state senate. But we need more Members of Congress who live in the day-to-day reality of being working parents."

In addition to his role as a Member of Congress, Morgan in his free time dabbles in playing guitar and making TikTok videos.