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Racial Justice

The United States’ long history of racist economic policies has created a racial wealth gap between white Americans and Black and brown communities. I believe that it is the federal government’s duty to implement policies that acknowledge and address the systemic racism that is endemic in so much of our daily lives – from the education system to the justice system to banking, housing, and health care.

I support anti-poverty measures that would disproportionately pull Black and brown Americans out of poverty and allow them to prosper, such as making the Child Tax Credit permanent, passing the BOOST Act, expanding public education to include universal pre-K and free community college, and increasing access to quality, affordable health care.

We must also address the disparities with which Black Kentuckians are treated by police and by our criminal justice system. I support passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to ban some of the worst practices we’ve seen in policing and to take a step toward ending police brutality. After Breonna Taylor was killed by police in Louisville in the spring of 2020, I was proud to vote for a ban on no-knock warrants in Kentucky in Frankfort. I support a federal ban on no-knock warrants in Congress.

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