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I have stood shoulder to shoulder with organized labor in the state Senate, opposing Right to Work, protecting prevailing wage requirements for state contractors, and fighting against efforts to undermine the retirement benefits of our teachers and public employees. 

In Congress, I will step up to level the playing field between workers and employers, not only to protect unions, but to grow them. If it doesn’t pass this year, I will be a cosponsor and a staunch supporter of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, to protect the right to form a union and collectively bargain, to ensure access to worksites, to protect workers during the critical period by banning captive audience meetings, and by mandating stiff financial penalties for employers who use union-busting tactics to keep their workers away from the negotiating table.

But we need more than just the PRO Act. In Congress, I will fight to ensure that the investments we make in infrastructure, expanded public education, renewable energy, and electric vehicles and batteries – like those that will be made in the proposed Ford plant in Hardin County – go to companies with union workforces. When we’ve seen real economic growth in this country; it has come because we have had a government willing to invest in our country’s infrastructure, and we have had union density near 35%. In Congress, I will be a vote and an advocate for ensuring that we get back to both.

I’m proud to be endorsed by over a dozen labor organizations from Louisville and across Kentucky, including the Kentucky AFL-CIO.

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