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Every kid should have the opportunity to go to a good public school that prepares them for a successful life, no matter your zip code. My wife and I are products of public schools, our kids go to public schools, and I have championed the interests of our teachers and public school employees, including stepping in to oppose Gov. Matt Bevin’s illegal gutting of the teacher retirement system and fighting to give our hardworking public education employees a raise. I am proud to have the backing of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, the Kentucky Education Association, and the National Education Association in my campaign for Congress.

At the federal level, it is time for the United States to expand public education to include universal pre-Kindergarten and free community college so that every Kentuckian can gain access to the skills they need to get a good, family-supporting job. I further believe we must sufficiently fund our public universities to make them affordable for all Americans.

Especially now, our teachers and public education employees deserve our gratitude and a raise, as they have taken care of our loved ones and risked their own health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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