When I teach Sunday School,

I want to help kids understand the Golden Rule – treating others as you would have them treat you. That's a basic tenet of my private faith. It helps guide my life and work.


When I serve in Frankfort,

a fundamental part of my civic faith is looking out for others who can't always look out for themselves. I believe strongly in personal responsibility, but I also know that government has a responsibility to help those in need.


When I hear from constituents,

I respond as quickly and effectively as I can. When I learned that a firefighter's widow was experiencing absurd bureaucratic delays in receiving death benefits that she was due, I worked to pass a bill that fixed the problem. I also learned that a high school student who committed early to serving our country in the military was being penalized for school days missed in basic training, so I passed a bill to end that unfair practice. When I saw that victims of human trafficking needed to expunge their records in order to start over with a clean slate, I joined others to successfully push a bill making that possible. We are supposed to take care of each other. Sometimes government needs to help.


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