Community-building is economic development.

That's why I have fought so hard, alongside Mayor Greg Fischer, to pass LIFT – Local Investment for Transformation – which would let Louisville voters decide for themselves whether they want time-certain funding for specific projects that will help make our community an exciting, inviting place for businesses to locate and families to thrive. Other cities have done it. Why won't Frankfort let us?


Education is economic development.

When executives decide where they'll local a business, the quality of local schools is at the top of the checklist. And every vibrant, successful city has at least one great university, which is why I have so strongly condemned mismanagement and mistreatment of the University of Louisville. U of L's success is essential to our city's success.


Tax Reform is economic development.

We must finally take on the task of modernizing Kentucky’s antiquated tax system. A more fair and efficient tax code will help with economic development.

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