Where I sit:

I'm a member of the Medicaid Oversight & Advisory Committee, which is charged with assessing the rollout of Gov. Steve Beshear's Medicaid expansion, which gave access to more than 400,000 Kentuckians.


Where I stand:

Kentucky did it right. Taking control of our Medicaid expansion was the right thing to do, providing help that was needed and deserved. It also was the smart thing to do, because studies have shown it will pay hard cash dividends over time. Healthy Kentuckians are better contributors to the state's economy and its tax revenues. I have sharply questioned the plan to undo what the previous administration accomplished. So far, criticism of the expansion has been based on loose, anecdotal evidence and has falsely caricatured the program's recipients. We can do better. As a member of the oversight group I can help make sure we do.

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