My commitment to this issue is deep and abiding.

I've fought during each session for a statewide fairness law. I'll keep fighting, because it's wrong that only the citizens of a few Kentucky cities are protected from this kind of discrimination. It's also poor economic development policy to leave so much of Kentucky without enforceable safeguards that ensure fairness. Businesses want to locate where fairness is written into public policy.


My voice is important.

Those of us who care profoundly about this issue must be there to speak for those who aren't present to speak for themselves. We've come a long way, but we're not where we ought to be. We need to pass statewide legislation. It's the right and wise thing to do...right because we're obligated to treat people fairly and equally, wise because we don't want Kentucky to end up on boycott lists or taken off business location lists.

Please share your ideas on Fairness with us.

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