State policy can make a difference.

I've invested time, sweat and imagination in a long battle to expand renewable energy production in Kentucky, which currently is capped at a level that's too low to meet the need and exploit the potential. I've repeatedly brought utility and environmental leaders from across the state to the same table, to figure out how we can move ahead. We've come so close to writing a bill that will satisfy all the interests and earn enough votes to pass. We can't stop now.

Local issues are no less important.

One example: The neighborhoods around Bowman Field are threatened with removal of mature trees. A new, thorough assessment of this project is essential. Better alternatives are possible. I've demanded answers from those who would undermine the environment and savage the aesthetics of those lovely streets and grounds. Concerned community groups deserve support from all of us, including me.

Please share your ideas on the ENVIRONMENT with us.

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